Embrace has several pillars of connection to the San Diego community. Through these connections we are able to serve the less fortunate.


Healing Our Heroes' Homes - Serving our Veterans

Embrace’s Healing Our Heroes' Homes program utilizes generous donations from our corporate sponsors and the energy provided by college students and recent graduates to restore the homes of low income, disabled veteran homeowners. Our partnership with various contractors allows us to completely rehabilitate the homes of these deserving people. For more information on Healing Our Heroes Homes, please CLICK HERE.



h3 ex vetsEmbrace has created several sub-programs that focus exclusively on serving our military veterans.  Ex 4 Vets, COMMYOUNITY Chefs and H3: Healing Our Heroes’ Homes are programs that utilize college students to raise money to support programs that allow them to assist our veteran community in a hands-on fashion. 

H3 – Healing Our Heroes’ Homes (www.Embrace1.org/H3)
This program mobilizes volunteer licensed contractors and connects them with volunteer college students to restore the homes of low income, disabled veteran homeowners.  

Through partnerships with Military Home Loans, The Home Depot Foundation, McCarthy Building, Alliance Residential Building, The San Diego State University Physical Plant Department and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), college students are supervised while they restore the homes of disabled veteran homeowners by building handicap ramps, painting, replace carpet, address plumbing needs and create Greener, more energy efficient homes for disabled veteran homeowners in need.  



Embrace the Streets - Serving the Homeless

photo4Embrace also has a direct impact on the daily lives of the homeless every week of the year. The homeless population in San Diego is the epitome of cultural diversity. With over 7,500 chronically or permanently homeless members of our population in need of daily assistance, Embrace does its part to address those daily needs by serving the homeless 2 days per week year-round.

Through corporate sponsorships, grants, private donations (monetary and in-kind) and a 'soul connection' with the San Diego Food Bank, Embrace utilizes student and lay volunteers to deliver healthy food and bottled water to people from all walks of life with love, acceptance and compassion. Their 'GIV MAS' (give more) goal is to mobilize volunteers to deliver healthy meals 7 days a week to over 50,000 people each year.

By utilizing multi-cultural volunteers to serve a multi-cultural population in need through the distribution of healthy meals, Embrace adheres to its mission by creating opportunities for social and physical wellness to bring about "A Healthier San Diego®."

In 2009, Embrace served over 20,000 meals to civilians and veterans in need while college student and adult volunteers logged over 10,000 hours in the community.

Embrace volunteers serve approximately 100 meals to the homeless every Wednesday and Thursday evening at 6pm in San Diego's East Village. Our spot is the corner of 16th street and Island. All you have to do is bring yourself, and yes, friends are welcome! Visit http://embracesandiego.eventbrite.com to register today!


Student Volunteer Model

photo2Embrace distinguishes itself from other nonprofit organizations by serving as a student volunteer broker to provide assistance to other non profits and city council members, while ensuring that the students have the opportunity to receive academic credit toward graduation. Our model is based on a simple community-based supply-demand formula.

San Diego is home to tens of thousands of students, studying various disciplines, that desire to improve the community and need community outreach hours to graduate. This ‘supply’ variable of the formula is perpetual. Nonprofit organizations and city council members devote their lives to solve a plethora of perpetual community issues. These issues continue to fester due to, in large part, a lack of people power, funding and fresh ideas. This 'demand' variable of the formula is also perpetual.

Embrace serves as priest, rabbi and minister that weds student supply to community demand by connecting high schools, colleges and universities to nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies and City Hall. By matching students with a particular academic discipline to organizations/entities with a need for their skill sets, Embrace creates an environment for our young leaders to gain valuable experience and an appreciation for the community as they prepare to enter the workforce.

Through tax-deductible donations from organizations, companies and districts in need, Embrace places student volunteers to assist these entities while they assist and work for the community. By ensuring that students have the opportunity to earn academic credit for hours worked, this replicable model creates a symbiotic relationship between community, higher education, government, the private sector and the nonprofit sector that does not currently exist.


Community Events

photo6The program routinely provides enrichment experiences for underprivileged youth by conducting Wellness Workshops that include amateur and professional athletes as role models as well as tickets to college and professional sporting events. Team sports are a great example of diverse individuals excelling together as a unit, and they also set a great example to kids regarding healthy lifestyle choices. Kids need to see their older peers eating right, exercising regularly and possessing a diverse group of friends.

Embrace partners with the SDSU Office of Diversity and SDSU Associated Students to conduct food and blanket drives to assist the less fortunate and the homeless. The drives consist of students collecting nonperishable food items and blankets for homeless civilians and veterans, culminating with the students handing out the blankets to the homeless, feeding the homeless through the Embrace program or donating the food to the San Diego Food Bank.






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